BEWARE!!! McKenna BMW Norwalk Service Center


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I was never very crazy about their service but they are close to my work and for oil changes I have used them. About 1 1/2 years ago I brought my car in for an oil change but also has some drive side air noise and the ol plastic runner on the top had broke. When I picked up the car, I was driving it off the lot and thought to check the clip, they didn't replace it. I took it back and the service attendant said, "oh, you really don't need that". Car under warranty, broken piece, I want it fixed. Ok, but you'll have to set up another appointment. I wasn't happy. (They also didn't fix the driver side noise. Both were taken care of at my next oil change at a different dealership) On the response card that came in the mail I gave them like 2 out of 5 because they did not perform the service requested.

Fast forward to yesterday. I got a stress fracture in the window. (three cracks from rearview mirror, up and out) I call McKenna and they said a Service Manager would have to OK it. Fair enough, no problem. He said bring it by and if the Manager OK'ed it he'd order the window???? So I'll have to bring it by twice? So I finally got him to agree to order the window and I could talk with the manager when I got in. Then he paused and said, well you know, I don't know if the manager is going to want to deal with you. ???? Why I asked. You seemed to have given us a 2 of 5 on a service review in the past. These were his exact words.. "Why should we want to deal with you if you’re going to hurt us. You cost us money and the manager is not going to want to help you."

I was floored. So I told him to take a flying leap, took it to my dealer by my home, they said, no problem, seen it before it's being fixed today. I've never had a lick of problems with my home dealer's service center. I will never go back to McKenna, but wanted to warn all that have answered those cards, if you haven't given them a 5 of 5 every time, BEWARE!